Speaking of Fred Sachs

A website about the life and works of Frederick Sachs

More Fred Videos

Over the years we took family videos that show other aspects of Fred’s life. Here are some group of video segments that show Fred and family at play.

A Lecture by Fred Sachs

This is a video of a lecture by Fred that turned up at one point. It gives you a great idea of what it was like to attend a Fred Sachs lecture, even if the material might be a bit technical.

If anyone happens to know for whom this lecture was given let us know.

Music in Scotland

Turns out we have close relatives in Scotland. Seems that our grandmother’s brother settled in Glasgow and became quite successful in business. And he, or someone in the family, became the Mayor of Glasgow, which automatically made him a member of the House of Lords.┬áThese are his children, or something like that. They were great fun, sang with Fred, and did some of their favorite routines for us.

There is a story that our grandmother boarded a ship she was told was bound for America, and when the ship landed she got off, only to learn that she had only made it to Scotland. After a year of the weather and smoke from the stacks of Glasgow she made it to New York.

Fred With Kids

Here is a series of videos of Fred doing various things, not even in proper chronological order. They show Fred at home with friends and family.

Fred’s children expressed that when they got older it was difficult for Fred to express his affection, but as some of these segments show, when the kids were little he was a affectionate, hands-on father.