Speaking of Fred Sachs

A website about the life and works of Frederick Sachs

About the Site

Jon Sachs and Fred Sachs

This site and its videos were put together by me, Jon Sachs, the youngest brother of Fred.

Fred was nine years older than me and he was more like an uncle than a brother. But he was even more than that. Fred brought joy and light into our family, which was not always the sunniest place.

He sang and played and taught me to play guitar and we shared our love of old-time music, bluegrass, and all sorts of other great music.

We both created sculptures and would sit together in his last years and dream up wacky sculpture ideas.

In one of the videos you can hear me state that, while interviewing his colleagues, I discovered that they had the same level of love and admiration for Fred that I had as a little boy.

Since I build websites and do photography and video for a living, creating this website was not an outlandish project to take on. But it was absolutely a labor of love.

You can see more of my projects at my website www.jonsachscollected.com. You can see from the odd collection of projects and interests that I never figured out what I want to do when I grow up. But it might also be evident that I never did really grow up. Maybe Fred and I shared some of that childlike quality.

Every day there are new things I want to share with Fred: songs, photos, stories, TV shows.

Fred made us aware of Clarkson’s Farm, a wonderful British funny and touching documentary. And I am sad that season three came out too late for Fred to see it.

Certain things will always remind me of Fred; the sound of the banjo, kayakers paddling, and any bright green John Deere tractor.