Speaking of Fred Sachs

A website about the life and works of Frederick Sachs

Family & Friends

This page starts with three videos with Fred’s younger brothers, Dan and Jon. Fred was there from the day each of these two was born and Fred was a tough act to follow, but a delight to grow up with.

Nathalie Sachs

This are segments from interviews with Fred’s mother, Nathalie, about her own life. She talks about the critical role Fred played as a teenager, in trying make a go of the farm.

All of the added photos were taken by our Uncle Kurt Hurst, who visited the farm with his camera.

Dan and Jon Sachs, Part One

We talk about the early days in Croton, before the farm in Mahopac, then on to the farm with goats, pigs, milking the cow, and how Fred did much of the work to establish the farm and fix up the house. 

Then we cover the infamous Hoot at the Riverside Church, where we saw a very young Bob Dylan. 

Dan and Jon Sachs, Part Two

Fred, fearless with the tractor on the farm. Fred coming home from college as a reason for teen Jon to keep going. The years with Lori. Fred, a shy boy and later a ladies man. Fred, revered by his colleagues.  Fred’s spider venom project.

Fred as scientist, musician, sculptor, kayaker, and more.

Dan and Jon Sachs, Part Three

About hearing from so many colleagues about Fred as a scientist. Fred as a water animal in Hawaii. The time Fred rolled the convertible VW. Tracing Fred’s path in life through New York City, Croton on the Hudson, Mahopac, Rochester, LA, Syracuse, Hawaii, Silver Springs, and finally Buffalo

Shana Pergande

Shana is Fred’s daughter from his first marriage. She tells some great stories and shares her appreciation for her father.

During his last, difficult years, Shana flew from the west coast and spent many weeks caring for Fred.

Janna Willoughby-Lohr

Janna talks about ways that she is like Fred and how that is both a good thing and a thing to watch out for. And she contrasts how her mother’s life played out versus Fred’s.

Ben Sachs

Ben speaks about his father not long after Fred passed away.

(The other fellow in the video is Jon Sachs, youngest brother of Fred, who is speaking with Ben.)

Robert Sachs

Bobbie talks about his father, his appreciation for Fred, and what made Fred different from every other kid’s fathers.

Chris Sachs

Chris Sachs

There is someone absent from this page who should be acknowledged. Fred’s son Chris died while under treatment for acute myeloid leukemia. He was 36.

Chris would have been the centerpiece, the strength of the family had he lived.

Here is a link to a site all about Chris.

Susan Lankenau

Susan was Fred’s second wife, and the mother of Ben and Bobbie. Her view of Fred is full of honesty, insights and much laughter. 

The Apple Pie Parties

Susans talks about the epic annual apple pie parties that they would have each fall. The parties grew to over a hundred people with a monster bonfire and fireworks.

Emily Shamieh

Emily was sister-in-law to Fred through her marriage to Jon Sachs. The three of them played music together in a trio that Fred referred to as The Nairobi Trio, after a skit on the Ernie Kovacs tv show.

Jean Dickson

Jean was a neighbor and musical buddy of Fred’s for years. Fred attended the Monday night sessions at her house as often as he could.

Jean also organized musical sessions at the hospital in his last years when he was confine there.

(Editors’s note: Jean was one of the first people I wanted to video for this project, but because of that, my interview technique was just not that great yet…)

Chris Hillman

Chris Hillman was Fred’s roommate for a time in LA in the early 60s. This was before Chris joined the Byrds with Roger McGuinn, and before Fred went back east to get a PhD in biophysics. 

Pamela Polland

Pamela was the wonderful singer in Fred’s jug band at the Ash Grove in LA in around 1964. She gives us a nice look at the folk scene at McCabe’s guitar shop and at the Ash Grove.

And she also talks about her first musical partner: a 15 year old Ry Cooder!

You can hear Pamela and the jug band here.

Frank Diulus

Frank was Fred’s friend and financial advisor for over 30 years. He talks about wandering into Fred’s lab and being greeted warmly, just as all visitors were.

Fred was delighted to have someone to talk to about retirement matters and they worked together from then on.