Speaking of Fred Sachs

A website about the life and works of Frederick Sachs

Classmates and College Friends on Fred

These videos were done by screen share using Zoom and the video quality is generally quite low, so they are presented rather small, some with occasional added visuals. 

Sometimes, Jon Sachs, the youngest brother of Fred, shows up in sound and visuals as he converses with the people on Zoom.

Mike Arons

Mike was already a grad student at Rochester when Fred arrived, and Mike was already a banjo player when Fred was still playing guitar.

So Mike was a senior member of the music gang and tells about their days together, and reunions, right up to recent ones before Fred passed away.

Cathey Falvo

Cathey gives us a picture of Fred’s friends, their social, musical, and political lives at Rochester University around 1960. 

She tells in some detail about their civil rights involvement in Rochester, but also driving to Tennessee.

Steve Price

Steve tells about meeting Fred on the second day of college at University of Rochester, in 1958, and their musical adventures.

(The other fellow in the video is Jon Sachs, youngest brother of Fred, who is speakng with Steve via Zoom.)

Marian Goldsmith

Marian talks all about many aspects of the University of Rochester days, and her relationship with Fred’s gang, where she was often referred to as “Marigold” and thought of herself as the mascot of these older guys, all equally into folk music and science.

Richard Feinman

Richard was another classmates of Fred’s at Rochester. Unlike some others, his main connection to Fred was not music, but physics. They kept in touch over the years through science and even wrote one paper together, though Richard tells that story more as a source of humor.

Pril Smiley

Pril was a student at Bennington, to where Fred and pals would sometimes make a weekend pilgrimage in search of soulful female folk music fans. Of which Pril was one. 

She tells a nice little motorcycle story and we remember how Fred liked to say her name backwards and call her Smiley Pril.